Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: "Klondaeg the Monster Hunter" & "Smite Me, Oh Dark One" by Steve Thomas

Title: Smite Me, Oh Dark One
Title: Klondaeg the Monster Hunter
Author: Steve Thomas
Available: Smite Me, Oh Dark One & Klondaeg the Monster Hunter at Smashwords
Summary: "Acerbus hates his job. While he is content to watch and study the mortal races, the other gods constantly look for reasons to destroy their newly-created world. When they finally find an excuse, they command Acerbus to become the Smiter, destroyer of all creation. Acerbus decides that there is only one way to ensure his own failure and save the world: by becoming an Evil Overlord."

"Klondaeg is a simple Dwarf with a simple plan: rid the world of monsters. When he was a boy, his parents were killed by unidentified monsters, and he swore revenge against all of them. Armed with a talking battle axe with two personalities, Klondaeg travels the countryside, slaying everything from tiny werewolves to gold-devouring demons. But will he ever find the thing that killed his parents?"
Source: I received this free/purchased on my own.

Review: Since one is a short story, and they are in the same world, I'm combining reviews.

I enjoyed both of these. They're very funny, merrily poking at epic fantasy while, you know, writing epic fantasy. I've been on a humor/fantasy kick lately, so these were right up that alley. I liked the over-lapping between the stories, and the gods that there were greatly amused me.

Something about Smite Me didn't quite snag me enough to give a huge rating, but I did like it. Klondaeg amused me more. I really liked the banter between the King's Rest, and anyone else. Plus, gnomes are funny. And the silent G thing.

All that being said, the stories didn't quite smack me around enough to rave about them, but that could be the real life crazy distracting me. I really did enjoy them. So, 4 Fireballs to Smite Me, Oh Dark One and 4.5 Fireballs for Klondaeg the Monster Hunter.

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