Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: "The Guardians: Path to Vengeance" by W. H. Cann

Title: The Guardians: Path to Vengeance
Author: W. H. Cann
Available: Smashwords
Summary: "Following the killing of his fiancée Grogaan spearheads a campaign against the Krelathans to fulfil his vow of vengeance. An unexpected encounter with a Senator’s daughter leads to romance, which impacts positively on his emotional condition. His unique piloting skills and dreams are attributed to his ancestry and gift of magic that ultimately lead to his outstanding performance as a pilot."

Review: Again, I really wish that I could just rave about every indie book I read. I want to support a community I've joined and the members there in, and to prove to the world that self-published does not equal terrible. Unfortunately, in offering reviews, I also have to offer honest opinions.

I can't actually speak to this whole story. It's rating, as seen below, reflects not a full opinion but the fact that I couldn't finish it.

The opening scene seemed like one big back story info dump and the first few pages on the whole had a lot of passive language. It was more telling than showing, so I never really got into the emotion and suspense that the author was trying to achieve. My inner editor was going crazy wanting to streamline and make it all more active and engaging, by my standards, and that made it hard for me to stick with it.

I'll grant that it might get better later. Maybe the whole story is better than the first pages gave it credit for, but I just couldn't get into it. This being just my opinion, someone else may have better luck. But since "DNF" falls automatically into a 1 Fireball category, that's what I have to give it.

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