Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: "Die Laughing" by J. H. Sked

Title: Die Laughing
Author: J. H. Sked
Available: Kindle
Summary: "The gods are back in town. Well, one of them is - and he doesn't play nice.

Jane Rossa is trying to find out who - or what - killed her brother. Enter Billy, a nice guy with a few unusual talents, and very unusual friends.

Can a vampire, a ghost, and a shape-shifting house-cat stop a deranged god who thinks killing people and wearing their bodies is laugh-out-loud fun? 

Maybe - with a little help from their friends. And a hell of a lot of luck."
Source: I purchased this on my own.

Review: I've read both "Basement Blues" and now "Die Laughing" and they are, no doubt, very funny. I really did enjoy them. They're fairly short, but entertaining. I like all the main characters.

My only real problems is that it's written in a very... sparse style. Now, I'm one for subtlety. I don't believe authors need to treat readers like idiots and spell things out in crayon, but Sked's style (at least with these books) is a little too sparse for me to be fully satisfied. I feel like I'm left a little confused about what certain things are meant to be or meant to mean.

I also felt the story was kind of short for what should have been a bigger "scope" for the plot introduced.

And yet, all that being said, I did really like it. It was a fast, fun, funny read and I will definitely be back for more from the Blue Moon Detectives. So, a solid 4 Fireballs for this one.

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