Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: "Luna for the Lunies!" by Ira Nayman

Title: Luna for the Lunies!
Author: Ira Nayman
Available: Smashwords
Summary: "Luna for the Lunies! is the third collection of Alternate Reality News Service stories. Robots who rue their consciousness! Alien invasions foiled by bureaucrats! A successful conclusion to the war on squirrels! Humorous science fiction journalism has never been fictiony!"
Source: I received this free from the author.

Review: First off, I received this free from the author for background/research so we could do a character interview for my author-ego sister site, but I liked it and it's indie, so I decided to review it.

That being said...

This is a very interesting book. It's not for the uptight politically correct, and it's not subtle in its satirical nature or targets. But if you can loosen up, it's quite amusing.

The format is interesting and takes a little getting used to. It moves from news story to news story from the Alternate Reality News Service, over several categories. In between the categories there is a short story about the Editrix-in-Chief, Brenda... who has a last name I can't spell from memory to save my life.

Sometimes it felt like it got a little weighted down and dragged a bit under it's own sense of humor, and when it got too much into obvious present politics (referencing real life politicians today, etc.,) then it lost me a little but that's just 'cause it's not my thing.

But literary diseases? Apostrophisis... I spelled that wrong, I'm sure... but that was great. I think I've known people who've had it, really. And the Editrix-in-Chief break-ins to the science reporters article towards the end was just hysterical. The reporters and their ways of writing their articles were also funny and enjoyable.

Over all, I give it a solid 4 Fireballs. And I'm looking forward to this upcoming character interview between Brenda and another Brenda from the multiverse...

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