Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: "Hunted (The Flash Gold Chronicles, #2) by Lindsay Buroker

Title: Hunted (The Flash Gold Chronicles, #2)
Author: Lindsay Buroker
Available: Smashwords
Summary: "Self-taught tinkerer Kali McAlister is determined to build an airship and escape the frigid Yukon forever. Unfortunately, she’s the heir to the secrets of flash gold, an alchemical energy source that tends to make her a popular target for bandits, gangsters, and pirates. Not to mention a mysterious new nemesis with an arsenal of deadly machines superior to Kali's own inventions..."
Source: I purchased this myself.

Review: Well, apparently I'm now a Lindsay Buroker fan. This is the third story of hers I've read and I really liked them all. The hard part for me is that Buroker is one of those authors that is so good, I find myself feeling entirely inferior in my own writing! Not many authors do that to me, but she does. She's that good.

This is the second novella in her Flash Gold steampunk stories. The first one, Flash Gold, was fantastic and there's not much I can say about this one that wasn't said about the other. The story isn't long, but it's a full storied romp with humor, action, and steampunk gadgets that blend seamlessly into her frigid Yukon setting. Too many of the steampunk stories I've read so far feel like they just tack on the steampunk stuff. Buroker makes it integral to both character and plot. Her characters are three-dimensional and real, but their flaws don't drive you away.

Kali is smart and scrappy. Cedar is everything a good Alpha Male should be. Too many romance, and non-romance, stories try to write Alpha Males and they just end up with Alpha Assholes. Not Buroker. I'm in love with Cedar. I want one of my own!

What else can I say? I have the first book in her other series on my ereader, but I'm terrified to read it lest it make me stop writing myself. ;-) Still, go. Buy her books. This story is totally 5 Fireballs.

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