Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: "Lily Marin - three short steampunk stories" by Paul Kater

Title: Lily Marin - three short steampunk stories
Author: Paul Kater
Available: Smashwords
Summary: "Three short stories about Lily Marin, a singer in the steampunk era, who has a mysterious other life."
Source: I purchased this on my own.

Review: Apparently, I'm on a steampunk kick. Anyways. This story (or stories, more appropriately) is a little weird for me. Because the author writes competently. The idea of the story and of Lily was intriguing. I thought the wealth of gizmos was a little over the top and hokey, but I didn't mind it that much.

This wasn't a bad set of stories, but I'm not really sure I feel like I can say it was good either. It fell flat for me, and I'm not entirely sure why. The setting and the character both didn't get to me, one way or the other, for better or for worse. There was no emotional connection, even to the point of disliking it. I just didn't feel it.

The words were all laced together well in a technical sense, but the emotion that should be driving it wasn't there for me. It just gave me a real disconnect reading these stories, and by the end of the third one, I didn't really care much about Lily or her goals or her world, which leads me to give this set of short stories 2.5 Fireballs.

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