Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: "A Multitude of Daggers" by Joanne Merriam

Title: A Multitude of Daggers
Author: Joanne Merriam
Available: Kindle
Summary: "The Queen is dead and everybody wants her job! The Barkan High Priestess Gieu, the orphan rebel Mara Rin and the new Angan King struggle for dominance in this fun sword-and-sorcery novella featuring flying oppressors, bloody revolution and an afterworld staffed by therapists."
Source: I purchased this on my own.

Review: I am still trying to figure out what I think about this one.

Merriam writes very well. I liked the style of her prose. The story and its set-up were very interesting. I did expect a different kind of story from the description, but once I adjusted my expectations, I was good.

It was a little too short for the story being told, I think. A little more time to build the world without throwing so much information at the reader would have been nice, because I did find myself getting confused about who was who and doing what to whom and where... but once I got my feet, it flowed nicely.

The ending was kind of abrupt. It felt like a slower unfolding all through the story and then, suddenly, it's over and some elements of character and plot introduced at the end left me wondering why they were there at all if they weren't given more development, and I would have liked more development on points that would feed into the ending.

Still, it was interesting, creative and fairly entertaining. It's a story that makes me think I need a 3.75 rating, because it was better than 3.5 but I can't quite say I really liked it. As such, I'll give it 3.5 Fireballs because I did like it and would recommend it to others looking for a quick, fantastical story.

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