Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: "Where the Dead Talk" by Ken Davis

Title: Where the Dead Talk
Author: Ken Davis
Available: Kindle
Summary: "Out past the towns and villages of Colonial Massachusetts lies a lake, black and icy and deep.

When night settles on the deep woods, when the wind sings a mournful song through the trees, voices can sometimes be heard, rising from its still surface: voices of the lost, voices of the damned, voices of the dead.

When tragedy unlocks the terrifying secret of the lake, when revolution explodes across the countryside, the doorway to Hell opens a crack and the dead begin to rise."
Source: I purchased this on my own.

Review: This is my second experience with Davis' work. I have also read his Array'd in Flames. I liked it, but I did have some issues with it. I'm happy to say that I did not have the same issues with this one. I felt for the characters and cared what happened to them all. Between both books, Davis has a real gift for creating atmosphere of the setting. He certainly did in this one, too.

Apparently I work in trends, since this is another New England story and you really got the feel for it, as well for the time period.

I liked it, a lot. I don't really have much to say about it, though. Something about it didn't quite stand out in my head to absolutely rave about it, so it's not quite a five but I didn't really have any issues with it. I did get kind of confused trying to keep threads from the back stories straight, who did who wrong at what time and in what way kind of stuff. But aside from that, it was good. I give it 4.5 Fireballs.

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